5 beliefs that decide your fate

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Brian Kight
  1. You are free to make your choice and you are free to do what you want.
    • Why this matters: The power to choose is the last and only human freedom.
    • Why people struggle with this: Infinite options, in choices and consequences, can be terrifying and paralyzing.
  2. You choose and act your way to your position in life.
    • Why this matters: You are where you are because of your choices and you will get where you end up for the same reason.
    • Why people struggle with this: It is more comforting to believe something and someone else is responsible for what happens.
  3. You can do it or you can’t, people like it or they don’t.
    • Why this matters: Objective standards are real and subjective standards are too.
    • Why people struggle with this: Self-awareness isn’t always fun and rejection can be painful.
  4. You earn in alignment with your discipline, skills, and resilience.
    • Why this matters: If you want something, don’t stop until you earn it.
    • Why people struggle with this: We want it faster, easier, and cheaper.
  5. People make their own choices.
    • Why this matters: Trying to control someone else is a waste of energy and a losing battle.
    • Why people struggle with this: Selfishly, we want people to be who we want them to be and how we want them to be.

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