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Discipline trumps circumstances.

Getting good results through average behavior standards reinforces average standards as acceptable, even desirable. The habit of “it’s good enough” forms easily in one person ...
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This takes real, hard work

If you look at things in your life that you call problems, you can separate them into two categories: real and imagined.
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Pick up a page-turner.

A good book is easy to read and relaxes your mind or is hard to read and challenges your mind. The former is for entertainment. The latter is for improvement. 
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Counterintuitive but true.

Resisting disciplined structure in the name of freedom may feel logical, but it doesn’t work. If you want to stay free and productive and flexible, you need to find the right ...
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Will you try this the next 3 months?

A closed mind with a big ego sees a distorted picture of reality. Two of the most distorted views also happen to be two of the most prevailing in society:
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By experience or by faith.

Every act is fed by courage or by confidence.
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Calm your nerves.

Nervous energy comes from the script playing in your mind. It anticipates something fearful and convinces you it’s going to happen.
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Unlock the cell.

Don’t be a prisoner of the moment. Be an active participant. One way or another. Be in or get out. Contribute or resist. Speak up or sit down. Stand firm or flex willingly.
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I had an idea once . . .

Whenever someone says, “That’s a good idea”, a critical reminder flashes through my mind. Because what they mean is, “That would be a good idea . . . if we executed it well.”
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Here you are.

Acknowledge what you can’t do and your lack of control over it. Transfer your effort to what you can do. That immediately presents you with new options for disciplined action. ...
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