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See with perspective . . . in detail.

Focus moves in two directions: in and out. The further in your focus moves, the more detail you gain. The further out it moves, the more perspective you gain. There’s a time ...
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Subtract first. Add later.

Remove a distraction from your life and you create space for something better to take its place. In that space, good things can happen. New things can happen. You may not know ...
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Clear the old multi-tasking myth from your mind

The impact of your energy and time is maximized through focused attention. When you pour yourself into one high priority task, it usually gets done faster and better.
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Work like crazy and enjoy the ride.

Look ahead, just for a moment, to the next four months. What are you going to do? What will happen? Extend your view out to the next two years, the next decade, the rest of ...
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Good people do good things. Virtuous people do good things in dangerous times.

Require constant proof from yourself in action, not in words, to live your standards. Virtue is in the act. Live a clear and chosen set of standards, not when it’s convenient, ...
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Can you create the energy you need when you need it?

Doing the work to get things done requires the right energy, at the right time, and enough of it. With the right energy, anything feels possible. Without it, everything feels ...
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Remember and be grateful.

Each September 11 I remind myself of two truths: any given moment can change everything and I don’t know when those moments will be.
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It takes a lot more than reading to make a person smarter.

I read books with a purpose. I don’t read to stay informed. I don’t read because it’s a best-seller. I don’t read to pull out a few nuggets. I read for the specific purpose of ...
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Four Focus Friday: Do Hard Things

The modern world does its best to fool you into believing an easy life is the ideal life. It attracts you with convenience then slowly kills you with comfort.
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