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Yesterday, I did a livestream on my YouTube channel: 5 Simple Ways I Bring Discipline to My Diet. If you’d like to hear more, you can watch it any time on my YouTube channel. ...
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The best part of waking up.

A good morning starts with a series of choices and actions. A bad morning starts with a series of events and reactions. The key to making every morning a good morning is to act ...
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The only limitation is you.

When you have choice it creates opportunities. When you don’t have choice it eliminates opportunities. It’s the difference between determining your path by your decisions or ...
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Nature doesn’t take straight lines.

Everything about our world is imperfect and always will be. People are. Organizations are. Policies are. Nature is. I am. You are. It’s a constant and forward-moving state of ...
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Exercise potential with purpose.

Just because people can change doesn’t mean a person will change. Just because a person hasn’t changed doesn’t mean people can’t change.
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You have your own permission.

Sometimes we get drawn into empty pursuits because we make false assumptions. We steer our standards to an objective that doesn’t provide the payoff we thought it would.
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A lifelong game of lost and found.

Discipline isn’t a fixed property. It’s an active state of choice. Anything that dynamic is going to have on days and off days. Strong stretches and disappointing droughts. ...
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Growth gets messy. Especially in relationships.

Relationships evolve naturally, but that evolution can break a bond as easily as it can build one. People change and so do priorities. Be prepared to work with endurance on ...
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I commit to . . .

Never assume you will naturally end up better or worse than now. Start now, no matter where you are, what you’ve done, or how far you have to go. Be bold and courageous to ...
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Commitment has a price.

This is a prime opportunity for healthy introspection. Specifically, it’s a good time self-evaluate whether you’re currently committed to be (and become) the best version of ...
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