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This may sound counterintuitive.

. . . I create a lot of content. I appreciate every email you read, every video you watch, every post you share. And I feel compelled to clarify something ...
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Why don’t people talk about this?

People spend almost no time practicing how to handle success. Especially when it involves money, status, power, and fame. It’s part of the reason I believe winning derails ...
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It’s only just beginning . . .

The dark days after defeat present you with defining moments. Losing can either diminish you or energize you. It’s in the long hours, silent thoughts, and burning emotions ...
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Win or Lose, What’s Next?

This is not an attempt to define winning and losing or a suggestion that everything is a competition. Set those thoughts aside. Just use anything you feel as a win and anything ...
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Stop predicting, start preparing.

Being prepared has nothing to do with predicting. No one can predict everything that’s going to happen. If you can, use those skills to get insanely rich and improve the future ...
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Why you need to create your own energy

Something energized has a hard time staying still. Energy moves things. It turns them on, lights them up, and allows them to run.
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This is about you, not them.

Give it the slightest chance and this modern world will convince you to devote every ounce of attention to cheap glitter and empty shadows. Don’t blame people, platforms, and ...
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Think exchange, not sacrifice.

Two hours a day, three times a week, 40 weeks a year is 240 hours. That’s 30 eight-hour working days, more than a full working month of time sitting right there for you hiding ...
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What do you do with the info you have?

You have as much information as you could ever need. Anything you want to know is only a few searches away. Anything you want to learn is easily accessible. Anything you want ...
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It all starts here . . .

You have three personal assets to use each day.
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