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Man . . . there are times I swear you are hovering over me and my family during moments in our lives.

Adam Coach / Husband / Dad

Thank you for this. It was a much needed dive into my heart, soul, and being.

Cat Athlete / Coach / Wife / Mom

Your daily updates truly help guide my mind back to where I need and want to be.

Sarah Sales Manager / Wife / Mom


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How to dishonor a relationship

Developing yourself serves your self-interest. Strengthening your discipline and growing your confidence benefits you financially, physically, and emotionally. But that's only part of the payoff.

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5 E+R=O Lessons for Teenagers

Many of you are parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles. Some of you are coaches and teachers. And if you're none of those things, you know plenty of people who are. This note is for you.

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E+R=O: The power to change the future

E+R=O can expand the vision in your mind. It makes the bridge from today's reality to tomorrow's potential more tangible. New possibilities and probabilities emerge in your imagined future.

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E+R=O: Stop fixating on events.

If I could only use one model or framework in my life, it would be E+R=O. Event + Response = Outcome.

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Break the chains of desire for approval.

An enduring truth lurks under the surface of the intentions behind your behavior. Think about this closely. You’ll realize how true it is.

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How to silence someone’s integrity

I read a story recently about a school teacher (anonymous) who feels torn between keeping his job or speaking up about issues he's concerned with in his school district.

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The Cicero Rule

After yesterday's message, you might be thinking, "But BK! It's not that easy. Doing the right thing can lead to painful consequences."

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Why hesitate to do what is right?

Marcus Aurelius wrote, "Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one."

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Do the right thing?

People like to use the phrase, “Do the right thing.” We hear this in school and at home, at work and on teams.

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