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Man . . . there are times I swear you are hovering over me and my family during moments in our lives.

Adam Coach / Husband / Dad

Thank you for this. It was a much needed dive into my heart, soul, and being.

Cat Athlete / Coach / Wife / Mom

Your daily updates truly help guide my mind back to where I need and want to be.

Sarah Sales Manager / Wife / Mom


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Don’t let your ideas stay ideas

We all think about what we could do. We all have ideas and consider possibilities.

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My biggest fear (maybe my only one)

My biggest fear is that I will die without fulfilling my potential. I’m afraid that at the end of my life, I will not have done half the things I thought I would do. It’s my only genuine fear.

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3 Rules to Build a More Fulfilling Life

Fulfillment is earned, not given. Earning requires discipline. A fulfilling life, therefore, is built through discipline rather than by avoiding it.

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Not all decisions are life or death, but this one is.

I believe in excellence. And I believe we are responsible for creating it.

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Why does growth require grief?

I can't wait to meet my 12-year-old daughter. Something about that window of time between a father and daughter feels special to me. 

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Why do people celebrate averageness?

Over the past 25 years, it has become socially cool among middle-aged adults to celebrate their indifference to excellence and acceptance of average. The resistance part isn't new. That's been around for all of history.

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Step #1 to identify your personal obstacles

We all face internal barriers. Things about us or within us that block us from moving forward. You will encounter personal obstacles no matter who you are, what you want, or how you go after it. Progress and achievement require overcoming them.

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Write “The Story of You”

The world is a canvas on which each of us paints. Every image, color, and brush stroke is yours to choose. The gift of life is a blank page for you to write "The Story of You." Every word, chapter, and adventure is yours to author.

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A challenge guaranteed to change you

Between now and Monday, I want you to perform an audit.

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