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Man . . . there are times I swear you are hovering over me and my family during moments in our lives.

Adam Coach / Husband / Dad

Thank you for this. It was a much needed dive into my heart, soul, and being.

Cat Athlete / Coach / Wife / Mom

Your daily updates truly help guide my mind back to where I need and want to be.

Sarah Sales Manager / Wife / Mom


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To Tell You The Truth . . .

“How many times were we taught as young people to "tell the truth". But were we taught with the same intensity how to “seek out the truth”? I was not.  

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All In . . . On You!

All you can decide is what you’re going to pursue and why you’re doing to pursue it.

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Fill The Gaps In Your Life

Now that you have a list of meaningful areas where your discipline is not great, the first thing to decide is how you’re going to look at this list and how you’re going to think about it.

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Can You See Your Big Opportunity?

As you raise your awareness and expand your understanding of discipline, assess where your discipline is not great. Remember to not judge yourself as you evaluate. Observe with a sense of detachment as if you’re a doctor making a diagnosis but not prescribing a treatment plan. Just get a clear...

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Improve Your Understanding of Discipline

How you look at discipline, how you think about it, and what you believe about it massively influences how it shows up in your life, where it shows up, or even whether it shows up.

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The Transforming Power Of Love

Thanks to all of you brave people who took on last Friday’s question and courageously shared your answers. The simplest questions are often the hardest to answer, but that’s how you become better, by doing the hard work others avoid.

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One Simple Question

I’m going to ask you one simple question. This is an opportunity. And opportunity brings adversity. It’s up to you how you answer or whether you answer.

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The Pursuit of a Disciplined Lifestyle

At times we all use discipline to produce some specific outcome. You wake up early to study, workout, or meditate. You remove distractions to focus on a critical task in order to meet a deadline. You resist an impulsive reaction in favor of an intentional one.

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