Are you getting information or misinformation?

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Brian Kight

A daily reality of our digital age is the constant stream of information, readily available when you want it and competing for your attention. The advantages are obvious. The value is undeniable. The breakthroughs are incredible.

It’s never been easier to learn a skill, talk to your distant family, video chat with global teams, build a business, get entertainment on-demand, share an opinion with the world, talk to a doctor, interact with celebrities, build a personal brand, start a side hustle, buy anything you want, etc.

It’s not all good though. Six unfortunate consequences I see every day in our digital information age are:

  1. Massive misinformation.
  2. Hard to confidently separate truth from lie and useful from useless.
  3. Indecision in what to pay attention to and act on.
  4. Overvalue consuming information above taking action.
  5. Fear of missing out (FOMO) if you’re not consuming information.
  6. Hard to turn the fire hose of information off.

The skill of filtering and ignoring information is a foundational requirement to be the best version of you. It’s always been a valuable skill. It’s more valuable now.

For those of you who are competitive or operate in a competitive environment, this is one of two or three skills I believe separate the winners from the losers. It will only increase over the next 10 years. If you can’t filter you’re finished.

Embrace the chase. Do the work.

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