Are you living in service of a purpose?

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Brian Kight

Purpose is a core need. We each have an inherent need for meaning and significance.

We want our efforts to mean something. We want our lives to matter. We want to matter.

We're not here to follow routines, obey rules, or accumulate stuff.

We're not here to simply exist. We exist for purpose.

We're here to pursue vision, create meaning, and achieve things of significance to us.

Our desire for significance is not ego. It's humanity. It's not a selfish want. It's a human need.

We can't deny it. It's built into our biology and hardwired into our psychology. We need to feel like we matter somehow in a meaningful way.

But fulfilling this need is not the rest of the world's responsibility. It's not our job's responsibility. It's not our spouse's responsibility or our kid's, either. It's our responsibility. In this effort, we must meet our own needs.

We create meaning and significance through our own disciplined effort.

It's not promised. No one can give it to us. No one can ensure it stays with us through all the seasons of life.

We must decide to live in service of a purpose that fulfills our need for meaning.

And we must choose it daily.

The time is now. Do the work.

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