How To Prepare For The Uncertain Future

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Brian Kight

I enjoy giving you insight into how I approach certain aspects of my life. Not because I’ve discovered the “right way”, but because one of the best ways to learn is by understanding how someone else does something and adapting it for ourselves when and where it makes sense.

The primary guiding question for my personal development is, “What will future moments require of me?”

I love this question because it focuses me on preparing for my life. First, the version of my life I want to create and second, the version of my life that actually happens.

I put my future moments into three categories:

  1. Guaranteed
  2. Likely
  3. Possible

Guarantees get my focused attention and effort, even if they’re a long time away. It will happen. I will not be unprepared.

Likely scenarios also get my focused attention because the uncertainty of it all means at least some of the likely scenarios are guaranteed to happen. I just don’t know which ones. That means I need to be prepared for a wide variety.

Possible scenarios get dedicated preparation but not a commanding priority like the others. I consider what could happen and explore, in real ways, how I would handle that possibility so that if it ever happens I’m not thinking about it for the first time. This has saved me on more than a few occasions.

The future isn’t knowable in detail, but you can anticipate quite a bit and I find it’s worth the effort.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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