Sometimes The Sidekick Is The Hero

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Brian Kight

No principle or personal trait is powerful enough on its own to establish and maintain the integrity of your life.

  • Passion can destroy or save.
  • Compassion can appease or encourage.
  • Focus can ignore or enhance.
  • Trust can manipulate or reveal.

It’s through the pairing of principles that we realize, harness, and bring to life their full power.

  • Passion needs discernment.
  • Compassion needs standards.
  • Focus needs purpose.
  • Trust needs alignment.

These are just examples to get you thinking. In most cases, perhaps all cases, a principle needs multiple supporting cast for its full power and disciplined application to be maximized.

A worthy starting point is to assess the real risks of any single principle if mismanaged or overused. Then identify supporting principles that prevent that mismanagement while also enhancing the primary principle’s core purpose.

Principles are kind of like us in life. We don’t succeed alone. We succeed through a combination of our own efforts and because of the support around us. The same is true for the principles you want to live. Surround your core principles with supporting principles that enhance them.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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