The EIAP formula for making progress

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

No matter how much we want to experience immediate traction and early success, the first few attempts rarely produce the best results. When something is new or different, we may not have enough anticipation or recognition to perform as well as we'd like. It may not be a matter of intelligence, desire, or capacity but rather familiarity.

When something is new or different, it is unfamiliar in some way. Even if it is similar to something we've done before, there's enough unfamiliarity involved to affect performance and results, and sometimes confidence too.

The formula for gaining traction, making progress, reaching an objective, or achieving a breakthrough is often E-I-A-P.


Put in your best EFFORT.
Evaluate the INFORMATION (facts, context, and emotion) you get through your effort.
ADJUST your effort, given the new information.
PERSIST in this process until you reach your objective.

Simple, reliable, and effective. Exactly what we need when we're navigating unfamiliar territory.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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