The primary, transcending purpose of trust

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Brian Kight

Trust plays a huge role in our lives. It’s so important to so many things we do. You need to trust yourself first. That means having confidence in the things you know and the things you can do. It also means self-awareness about what you don’t know and can’t do. Lack of trust in yourself drives ego and defensiveness just as much it drives doubt and hesitation.The primary, transcending purpose of trustOf all the things trust does, I believe its ultimate role is to deliver hard truths and push us to do hard things. That’s the primary, transcending purpose of trust. When people in any relationship trust each other enough to push each other incredibly hard, everyone gets better. Relationships that lack the required amount of trust end up hiding the truth, accepting default behavior, and operating at mediocre levels.

Do you have enough trust in yourself to be truthful with yourself and push yourself to do really hard things?

Do people in your life trust you enough to tell them hard truths and push them to better versions of themselves?

Do the work.

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