Conservatives and liberals are both wrong (and right)

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Brian Kight

There is a difference between what is and what you tell yourself it is. Separating those two things and recognizing the difference between them are fundamental keys to your life experience.

Just because you tell yourself something doesn't mean that's what is actually happening. Just because you tell yourself why something is happening doesn't mean those are the actual reasons. They are what you are telling yourself. Someone else is telling themselves a different story.

You see what your filter shows and tell yourself a story to fill in the gaps. Then you tell yourself a story about what it means. Your story isn't necessarily wrong, but it isn't right either. It's not factually or objectively accurate in its entirety. It isn't reality outside of your mind.

We know this is true by observing the political landscape in the United States. Introduce the topic of Republicans or Democrats, and you will discover the conversation that follows revolves primarily around personal opinions and interpretations rather than shared facts and realities.

Convert the conversation to Liberals or Conservatives, and you'll experience an even greater divide between what is and what people tell themselves it is. Hardly anyone will agree on facts and reality vs. story and opinion.

There is only one reality. There are thousands of stories and interpretations people tell themselves about it based on an endless array of variables.

You will always filter reality through your unique lens. Your beliefs, standards, and perspectives shape your interpretations and the story you tell yourself about the truth you believe you see.

That's ok. We all do it. We always will.

You can apply uncommon discipline in self-awareness of your story and the humility to acknowledge that no matter how intense that story is for you, it's not reality and not the only way to explain the facts that exist. Your story is not the only viable interpretation. It's not even necessarily right or wrong. It's just yours.

The discipline to separate what is from what you tell yourself it is will expand your humanity, improve your filter, and sharpen your understanding of a greater reality than the story you're telling yourself.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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