Could I regret my decision? 😬

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There is a consequence for every decision. One way or another, choices have repercussions. But there are also implications for the choices we don't make. That's what has been on my mind for the past six months.

Moving my family halfway across the country to a city where they've never spent time is a big deal. Entering an industry where I have no direct experience is a big deal. Joining a new team where I am the rookie is a big deal. These choices have consequences.

What's harder to see is the consequences to my life if I hadn't been willing to make these choices. Both action and inaction lead to outcomes. Had I been unwilling to pull the trigger on this opportunity, the consequences would have been just as real and significant.

The potential for regret exists on any path I choose and any path I don't choose. So I ask myself a direct question. 

Ten years from now, what would be more painful for me: pursuing an opportunity that didn't work out or passing on a chance that I'll never know what it could have been?

I can live with the pain of failure as long as I try my best. I can live with randomness like a pandemic or recession that derails plans.

The regret I'm not willing to live with is knowing I didn't try when presented with the chance.

Am I taking a risk? Yes, of course. But I believe I am taking less risk than the alternative.

Because the riskiest thing we can do in life is fail to act in the name of playing it safe. Those consequences are just as real and can be as devastating as any other.

I'm willing to live with any adverse consequences of my actions. However, I'm not sure I'm willing to live with my inaction. So I'm leaning in and reaching for the next level. 

Answer the call. Do the work.

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