Don’t Demonize Desire. Understand it.

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Brian Kight

I believe in questioning every desire. Not out of fear. Not out of a negative characterization of desire itself, but to keep my self-awareness high and intentionality clear on desire’s role in my life.

It’s not desire itself that creates problems. It’s what we desire, why we desire it, and our relationship with desire that can create problems.

Questioning your desire is a healthy practice to manage your relationship with desire.

For any desire you feel, you might consider questioning . . . 

  • It’s source (where it came from)
  • It’s purpose (what it wants and why that matters)
  • It’s value (what it adds to your life and at what cost)
  • It’s relationship to other things and people (how it interacts with and impacts other important things in your life)

You don’t have to demonize desire. Plenty of people do. But it’s a strong force and one that can easily acquire too much power over you in little things and big things.

Building a healthy relationship with desire, one that you are in control of, is a primary task for the life you envision. 

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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