How did you choose your standards?

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Brian Kight

Because we learn by observing models, people typically choose standards according to what they've seen or experienced. Unfortunately, most people don't get to watch the highest level of excellence up close and personal. So their understanding of excellence is limited to what they witness locally, which may not be excellent at all, or what they see in the media, which feels distant, almost like another world reserved for specially talented people.

  • How did you get your standards? 
  • Where did you learn your standards?
  • How did you choose them?
  • Why that standard and not something else?
  • Why are your standards at the level they are?
  • Why aren't they higher?
  • Why aren't they lower?

High standards are initially a competitive advantage because people tend to set average standards and still struggle to meet that mediocre mark. 

The higher standards you set, the harder you work, and the more discipline you bring, the bigger the advantage you gain. It starts with choosing something better than average. Most don't. Most won't.

Why aren't your standards higher?

Answer the call. Do the work.

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