How Do You Know If You’re Valuable?

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Brian Kight

Ok since you LOVED yesterday’s list on earning credibility, I’ll let you in on what I see as the next logical step: prove value.

  1. Observe and understand what other people value.
  2. Serve other people’s needs and deliver on what they care about.
  3. Contribute without expectation or need of return.
  4. Improve the situation.
  5. Make people better.
  6. Do rare, uncommon things.
  7. Be anything but average.
  8. Do simple things with elite discipline.
  9. Do no harm.
  10. Never blame, complain, or get defensive (BCD).

The combo of earning credibility and proving value can be powerfully applied in just about any area of your life. I honestly don’t know whether this combo has had more impact on my professional life or my personal life.

Notice the terminology we use here: earning credibility and proving value. That’s because the responsibility is always on us.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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