How To Think About Your Worth

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Brian Kight

You have inherent worth and value as a person. You are worthy of understanding. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of the freedom to set your own standards and make your own choices. 

Beyond our inherent worth, our worthiness is not a given. We are not inherently worthy of the dreams we have or the life we want. We are not inherently worthy of being credibly respected. We are not inherently worthy of trust and confidence. We have to earn those by proving ourselves worthy. 

Life demands you bring attitude, effort, and execution worthy of the things you want. Don’t confuse this with your inherent worth. That is undeniable, immovable, and irrevocable. But inherent worth does not extend far beyond your freedom to choose. After that everything must be created, must be proven worthy in unpredictable, sometimes volatile, even hostile environments. Because that is the way of all life.

You may not think of the word “worthy” in this way. I believe it would be incredibly valuable if you did. If you believe you are worthy of something, demonstrate your worthiness in a way that cannot be ignored. If you aren’t sure whether you are worthy of something, give it a worthy effort and discover how you measure up. Then put in worthy effort to meet the necessary standard.

As a person, you are worthy. Build up your worthiness from there to create the life you want to lead and reach new heights. Make your effort and skill worthy of your aim and you will undoubtedly hit your mark.

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