On The Horizon Of A Rising Sun

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Brian Kight

The sun sets tonight on another year. How grateful we’ve been to experience it and see it through to the end. Many people were not as fortunate and will not see the dawn of this new season we now enter. 2021 was their last trip around the sun.

Take a moment — a genuine moment — to honor those who came into this year but will not leave it, instead laying down with it forever. Take a moment also to feel the beat of your heart, the sensation in your fingertips, the visions in your mind of your future.

You are here. We are here. We got new scars this year. Probably some unique and unexpected ones, all things considered. Yet we have the opportunity to continue our journeys. 

Let your scars be lessons, not of fear and future concern, but of your strength and resilience.

Wear your scars as proof that you endured, not as a hero, but as a person as equal as any other, in pursuit of purpose, meaning, and belonging.

The sun sets tonight and tomorrow it will rise on a horizon with new mountains to climb, valleys to tread, and fears to conquer.

May we all redouble our efforts, reinvigorate our spirits, remember our purpose, and pursue it with a worthy and deserving responsibility.

Thank you for being here with us for another year at Daily Discipline. It is an honor to serve you, share with you, and be with you.

For me personally, thank you for being a massive part of my purpose and my journey.

Happy New Year! The best is yet to come.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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