Today’s behavior skill is: DECISION MAKING

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Brian Kight
The best approach to decision-making I’m aware of is Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O).

By best I mean the most usable, productive, and reliable approach in any situation. Obviously there are specific situations that need more rigorous rules in order to make good decisions. Those are unique environments that require detailed decision-making guidelines to apply in exact situations like buying a car or a house, hiring a new employee, or choosing a software.

The simple skill of decision-making is E+R=O: choose the best response you can for the outcome you want given the situation you’re in.

I fully acknowledge that, at the moment of this writing, I am incapable of separating decision-making from E+R=O. It is my first lens and my universal filter. It always works, even when I pay no attention to it. And in the most technical arenas with the most precise factors, it is still the foundation of great decision-making.

Events happen. I respond with discipline or on default. Outcomes are created as a consequence. Whether I “use” E+R=O has no effect on its existence, function, or impact. Only on my skill and the quality of my impact.

I’m always in events (circumstances and realities). I’m always responding (choices and actions). I’m always creating outcomes (results and consequences). E+R=O isn’t something I use. It’s something I live.

Every moment is a decision. Your decision. What to do with your mind, your action, your words. What to do with your attention, your time, your energy. It’s easy to fool yourself about how you make decisions. It’s tempting too. How do you avoid fooling yourself?

Own every decision by saying it out loud. You can try to say it in your head, but you and I both know how quickly your mind likes to interrogate itself and how convincing it’s justifications are. Whatever you’re deciding, say it. Say exactly what your decision is. Now you’re on the hook for it.

One decision at a time. Make each decision as best you can for the moment you’re in, rather than worry now about future decisions that haven’t arrived yet. Make decisions now that put you in better position for future decisions.

Let no day pass where you don’t make conscious and disciplined decisions about how you think, feel, act, adjust, interact, and learn. Stay on-purpose and off-autopilot.

Here’s how I believe in myself with decision-making: I’m confident until I’m wrong and then I make adjustments. I have absolutely no chance to make all the right decisions but living in fear of making mistakes only results in more mistakes and bigger fear.

I accept the consequences of my decisions. This allows me to avoid defensiveness because I don’t hide from mistakes, seek approval for my choices, or believe all my decisions are good. It’s the only way I can live with myself, improve myself, and avoid rationalizing, which is a fancy way of lying to myself.

I hope this is valuable to you too.

Do the work.

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