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Brian Kight

When life enters the twilight years, we enter a reflective period. We consider where we've been, what we've done, who we shared it with, and what it all means.

We'll think about the things we overcame and the things we were too afraid to try.

We'll think about the life we lived and the life we could have but didn't.

We'll think about the things we loved and the things that broke our hearts.

We'll think about the things we accomplished and the struggles we endured to achieve them.

We'll think about the wisdom we gained and how much more is still unknown to us.

We'll think about the things we took for granted and the things we gave more attention than they deserved.

We'll think about the things we never said and the cost of that silence.

We'll think about our true potential and whether we came close to living it.

You might be in your reflective years now. You recognize many of these thoughts and feel them on an emotional level.

Most of you are living the years — right now — that you'll one day look back on with a reflective eye. You are writing the story that you'll one day read back to yourself and ask, "How did I do? What did I make of the opportunities I had?"

That's why today is the most important day of your life. Because it's written in permanent ink, forever going into the book of your life.

Someday, you'll sit down, many years from now, and read that book silently to yourself. What kind of story will it be?

The time is now. Do the work.

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