What makes something “worth it” for YOU?

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Brian Kight

We’re all looking for answers. We aren’t all asking the same questions, but we’re all interested in finding answers to our personal situations. We’ve found some, still searching for others. We’ve tried some, resisted others. Some have worked, some have failed, and some would work if we worked on them more.

Some answers helped us get here, but now they don’t work as well as they used to. Some answers have never really worked that well, but we’re still clinging to them for emotional reasons.

In all of our search for answers we eventually reach a fork in the road. A decision point: Do or don’t. Yes or no. Worth it or not.

I was thinking over the weekend about how I decide whether an effort is worth it or not. Here’s what I came up with. I thought it would be fun to share part of my process with you.

  • Whatever keeps me in control of me.
  • Whatever keeps me at or near my best.
  • Whatever keeps me from making major mistakes.
  • Whatever keeps me in the work.
  • Whatever keeps me from quitting.
  • Whatever keeps me reaching for higher standards.
  • Whatever keeps me focused.
  • Whatever keeps me joyful.
  • Whatever keeps me from being paralyzed by fear.
  • Whatever keeps me from mistreating anyone.
  • Whatever keeps me self-aware.
  • Whatever keeps me in a grateful perspective.
  • Whatever keeps me aligned with my purpose.
  • Whatever keeps me proud of myself.
  • Whatever keeps me giving value to others.

This isn’t an exhaustive list for me. Meaning it’s not the only reasons something could be worth it for me. It’s an honest list though. And a thorough one.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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