You’ve Trained For This

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

Life is largely about dealing with uncertainty. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that the world is far more uncertain than most people believe.

You can’t do anything about uncertainty in the world. You can do something about yourself though. Rather than run from uncertainty, get blindsided by it, or resent it, learn how to navigate it and thrive with it because it’s not going anywhere.

You need good structure for direction and boundaries, strong principles for consistency and change, caring relationships for support and understanding, and deep courage to keep moving forward into each day’s uncertainties.

As the calendar year nears its end, use some time this week to remind yourself that there will be uncertainty and surprises next year too. And the year after. And every year after that. Then remind yourself that you train for this.

Everything is training for something. Do work.

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