10 Honest Ways To Earn Credibility In a Cynical World

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Brian Kight

Everyone wants to be credible. We don’t all want credibility from the same people or in the same arenas, but we all want credibility in places and with people that matter to us.

Wherever and whenever you want credibility, here’s how you can earn it:

  1. Be who you say you are.
  2. Align your attitude, action, and words.
  3. Go first into the effort.
  4. Hold yourself to the standard.
  5. Pay the heavy price.
  6. Listen and understand the other person, especially when it’s hard.
  7. Accept and acknowledge your weak points without making excuses for them.
  8. Own all your decisions, actions, and their impact.
  9. Do the work.
  10. Show up and perform when it matters.

Executing this list is not a promise of credibility, but they are your best chance to earn it.

I saved this point for last for intentional readers like you: Don’t make your goal to be seen as credible by anyone. Make the focus of your effort to simply be a credible person and let people recognize it on their own . . . or not. Their opinion is not in your control. Your action is.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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