5 Mindsets That Guarantee Future Problems

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Brian Kight

As much as we'd prefer to believe our problems began somewhere else with a source other than us, we know better. Our desires and expectations are often the root cause of our deepest challenges. Let's uncover a few.

Problems begin when we want:

  1. Comfort without having to sweat for it.
  2. Freedom without having to bleed for it.
  3. Progress without having to pay for it.
  4. Fulfillment without having to fight for it.
  5. Excellence without having to struggle for it.

Everything we desire is on the other side of what it takes to earn it. Undisciplined desire will elevate your expectations of reward and lower your expectations of the investment required. Ironically, people who allow this mindset to grow roots drift away from the comfort, freedom, progress, fulfillment, and excellence they crave. That's a common path, but it's not our path.

Sweat, bleed, pay, fight, and struggle for what matters to you. Not only is it the only way to earn it, but it makes every earned thing that much sweeter.

The time is now. Do the work.

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