Can You See Your Big Opportunity?

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

As you raise your awareness and expand your understanding of discipline, assess where your discipline is not great. Remember to not judge yourself as you evaluate. Observe with a sense of detachment as if you’re a doctor making a diagnosis but not prescribing a treatment plan. Just get a clear picture like an x-ray.

Make this a fun and accessible experience. Don’t commit to any action yet. This will keep your self-awareness high and prevent that heavy sense of feeling like you have an overwhelming amount of work to do.

For this exercise, make an either/or decision. Anywhere your discipline is not great, decide whether becoming more disciplined in that area would make a meaningful difference in your life or whether it wouldn’t make much of a difference that matters to you.

Remember this is just the diagnosis stage. What you’ll end up with is a list of areas where your discipline isn’t great, broken into two categories: more meaningful vs less meaningful.

The unmeaningful list is good for awareness and acceptance. At least for now. The meaningful list is your big opportunity because that’s where you can make an impactful difference on your life.

Meditate on that list until tomorrow.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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