Discipline is its own reward.

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

One thing that shapes the way I approach discipline, whether in a moment or as a whole, is that I see a disciplined act as its own reward.

I don't choose and act with discipline primarily because it creates better results. I choose and act with discipline because it makes me who I want to be. The outcomes produced by discipline are secondary to me.

Every time I act with discipline is a win. I don't wait for the outcome to recognize that win. I set a standard. I controlled my decision. I put in great effort. That's a win.

Outcomes aren't up to me. If I have to see a positive outcome from every act of discipline, there's no way I'd continue to put in the necessary effort.

I focus on two rewards: the act of discipline and the outcome. I can't expect the second reward until I have achieved the first.

The time is now. Do the work.

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