Why sustaining discipline is . . . pointless?

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

You can’t sustain discipline in the future, yet this is what most people and organizations spend insane amounts of time discussing and planning. In my mind, discipline can’t be sustained at all. The conversation isn’t worth having.

(For reference — do the people in your life who spend the most time and energy talking about “building a habit” or “sticking with it” have the best discipline? Almost never.)

Discipline is chosen, not sustained. It can only be chosen as each moment arrives. Keep your choices simple and your system ready.

The best way to be disciplined every day is be disciplined for one day.
The best way to be disciplined for one day is be disciplined in this moment.

That’s not intended as motivation. That’s not meant to be quotable inspiration. It’s intended as strategy. It’s meant to be practical action. What else are you gonna do . . . be disciplined later? Get disciplined eventually?

Win this moment.

Embrace the chase. Do the work.

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