Dream Big and Make It Happen: Part 5

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Brian Kight

I don't prefer to use quotes because so many other authors, thinkers, and leaders hide behind other people's messages, attempting to sound wise and gain credibility from someone else's effort and insight.

However, this week there are two thoughts I'd like to share from two other authors. I choose to share them with you in their words because I don't think I can improve upon them. I want you to hear the best versions and direct from the source.

The first comes from one of my favorite authors Steven Pressfield in his most recent book, Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be.

He writes, "It's not enough for your heart to be in the right place. Your ass has to be there too. [...] there is no substitute for being there, at the heart of the action. And to get there, you have to leave 'here.'"

The second comes from world-famous author and professor Joseph Campbell of The Hero's Journey fame.

"A bit of advice
given to a young Native American
at the time of his initiation:

'As you go the way of life,
you will see a great chasm.


It is not as wide as you think.'"

Answer the call. Do the work.

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