Find The Right Advantage

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Brian Kight

There are times in life — moments, decisions, situations — when we perceive tension between what seems right and what seems advantageous.

What seems like it might bring an advantage appears to deviate from what seems right and what seems right appears to put us at a disadvantage.

That tension starts with any perception or belief that doing what seems right would put us at a disadvantage. We don’t like to be at a disadvantage, especially when we feel like we’re doing the right thing.

A subtle internal debate can gain traction in your mind, “Should I do what seems right or what gives me the advantage?”, until it’s no longer subtle at all, but blatant and noisy.

Once this internal debate begins, we’ve already lost.

It is each of our responsibility to gain advantages only after we have aligned ourselves with what seems right, rather than seek an advantage and to do right when we can.

Aim to do what seems right and you will gain an advantage. Aim to gain an advantage and you will be tempted, eventually pulled, away from what seems right.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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