In Pursuit Of A Life Well-Earned

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Brian Kight

The most vital skills stand the test of time.

Personal qualities that shaped lives and empires 4,000 years ago are doing the same today. The same behaviors that changed the course of history 1,000 years ago are still in place, writing history today.

Much has changed in the world over the centuries. Yet, surprisingly little has changed in the behavior skills at the core of a life well-lived, a team well-led, a job well-done, an achievement well-earned.

Some skills don't waver. They don't lose value as society evolves. Instead, some skills increase in value.

Whether external environments place a premium on a skill, like focus in our distraction-centric era, or whether a skill falls out of fashion, like patience in our reaction-addicted cycle, timelessly valuable skills can meaningfully expand their relevance and impact.

What we need right now is not a discovery of the new but a renewal of the timeless. We need to rediscover the principles that outlast time, place, or events. We need to recommit to the virtues that transcend culture, origin, or person.

We need it in our leaders. We need it in our communities. We need it in our homes.

Most of all, we need it in ourselves. Rediscover the behaviors that guide a life well-lived and well-earned.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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