Now THIS will reveal a lot.

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Brian Kight

Yesterday’s exercise was wildly popular and incredibly powerful for a lot of you. I appreciate how many of you used it with your teams, colleagues, and families. What a great experience to share together.

Let’s try another experiential exercise today. Write out this list.

  1. A discipline you do well that is central to your happiness and success.
  2. A discipline that works for other people but not for you.
  3. A discipline that works for you but not for other people.
  4. A discipline you’re working on that is too inconsistent.
  5. A discipline you’re avoiding because it feels too hard.
  6. A discipline you’ve always admired but never embodied.
  7. A discipline you used to do well but not recently.
  8. A discipline you doubted but got good at once you really learned it.

Discipline is the shortcut. Do the work.

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