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Here’s a fun and potentially mind-opening experience to start the last week of 2020.

Before you start, get two sheets of paper and a pen. After you read the paragraph below, set a timer for three minutes and do the experience. Do not read the questions in the bullets until after you’ve finished the experience.

Close your eyes. Picture yourself one year from today. Imagine where you are, where you go, what you wear, what temperature it is, what it smells like, and most of all imagine how you feel when you picture yourself 365 days from today. Hold that scene and continue to explore it until the timer goes off. Lock in the sensation of what you see in yourself in one year.

Open your eyes. Grab your pen and sheets of paper. Answer the following questions immediately after. Write as much that comes to mind as you can. Let it flow.

  • If you’re thriving a year from now, how did you make that happen?
  • If you’re struggling a year from now, what were the causes?
  • If you feel proud of yourself this time next year, what did you do?
  • If you feel disappointed in yourself this time next year, what didn’t you do?
  • In what area of life did next year’s you find more fulfillment?
  • What was the biggest growth next year’s you made?

Remember your experience. Keep the sheets of paper with your answers. We’ll take the next step together tomorrow.

Discipline is the shortcut. Do the work.

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