The Daily Discipline Checklist

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Brian Kight

Rather than rely on memory, habit, or instinct to keep you disciplined, use a checklist.

Navy SEALs use checklists. Surgeons and pilots do, too. It's an easy tool to implement that removes the risks of forgetting, guessing, or reacting before thinking.

Here's a checklist to enhance your Daily Discipline:

  1. What results am I trying to create?
  2. What does excellence look like for me?
  3. What decisions do I need to make today?
  4. What actions do I need to do today?
  5. What purpose will I serve?
  6. What standard will I choose?
  7. What effort will I give?
  8. What skills will I use?

Where is the best place to put this checklist so you see it and answer these questions each day?

The time is now. Do the work. 

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