We all rely on this.

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Brian Kight

Yesterday's message was about the imperfect nature of the world. Today is about our own flawed nature.

Imagine receiving immediate and direct feedback about all your imperfections: every decision, action, and interaction. Imagine if every imperfection people observe in you were pointed out and made clear to you in real time.

  • What would that look like?
  • What would it feel like?
  • How would it affect your day?
  • What would you learn about your relationships?
  • What would you learn about yourself?

You have your imperfections. I have mine. Some of them we know well. Others are more difficult to see, hiding in our blind spots. We talk about some of our imperfections with certain people. Some, we don't talk at all.

We rely on three things:

  1. People do not exclusively focus on our imperfections and constantly point them out.
  2. Trusted people to help us with our imperfections.
  3. Caring people to love us despite our imperfections.

People in our lives rely on the same things from us.

Answer the call Do the work.

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