Who Tells You The REAL Truth?

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

They go by many names. Mentor. Advisor. Truth-teller. Confidant. Noticer. Leader. Friend.

They’re the people who help you discover the truth and stay close to it. They’re your lighthouse in the dark. Your compass in the desert. Your anchor when you feel adrift. 

People like this have unique qualities.

They care about you. So much so they’re willing to tell you things other people are too afraid or indifferent to say.

They understand you. So much so they can experience all your vulnerability and insecurities without judging or thinking less of you.

They believe in you. So much so they can see beyond your current circumstances to who you can become and the impact you can make.

They expect the best from you. So much so they’re willing to call you out when you’re capable of more and call you up to a higher standard.

They energize you. So much so they propel you forward into new things you probably wouldn’t have done on your own.

Get as many of these people in your life as you will allow and trust. For alerts when you need reminders. For alarms when you need wake up calls.

For the truth when you need it.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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