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Man . . . there are times I swear you are hovering over me and my family during moments in our lives.

Adam Coach / Husband / Dad

Thank you for this. It was a much needed dive into my heart, soul, and being.

Cat Athlete / Coach / Wife / Mom

Your daily updates truly help guide my mind back to where I need and want to be.

Sarah Sales Manager / Wife / Mom


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How to start activating your highest ability

Everyone has ability: talent + skill + capacity. But most people have more ability than they demonstrate. They are capable of doing things they choose not to do and making an impact they're not currently making.

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Avoiding pain means giving up on dreams

One way we aim to hide ourselves from painIs take no risk and never try too hard.

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When it’s hard to stay the course

You can.

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Plant seeds and work with patience

Excellence in action plants seeds. It waters the ground and tends the land.

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Your Effort vs. The Results of Your Effort

Yesterday, I said work gives us the canvas necessary for excellence and fulfillment. With few exceptions, excellence and fulfillment are accessible only through work.

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You will find your purpose in the work.

"Do the work."

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How to win from the inside out

Let's explore how we measure excellence and the strategic value behind it.

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How do you measure excellence?

Excellence can be challenging to measure. It's not always purely objective. Neither is it totally subjective.

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Your life has hundreds of potential futures

If you are reading this, you have choice. You don't need to earn the right to choose. The gift of choice has always been yours. What you choose changes the trajectory of your life.

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