10 obstacles to your Higher Self and how to respond to them

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If you committed right now to detach from your Lower Self in favor of your Higher Self, how would you expect that to go?

You’d probably feel a combination of equally exciting and scary sensations: the spark of motivation and rush of opportunity mixed in with a dose of concern and hesitation.

Unfortunately, as time progresses, instead of motivation and opportunity rising while concern and hesitation fade away, the experience often moves in the opposite direction. Concern and hesitation tend to increase as you encounter obstacles, which can lower motivation to be your Higher Self and the sense of opportunity that comes with it.

The obstacles standing in the way of becoming your Higher Self are not secret. Here are the “Big Ten”:

Obstacle: It requires disciplined effort, and more of it, to be your Higher Self. It requires nothing to be your Lower Self.
Response: You either put in frontend effort to be your Higher Self or backend effort to deal with the consequences of your Lower Self. You pay the price either way.

Obstacle: Negative thoughts, self-judgment, self-doubt.
Response: Why would you believe in your doubts more than you believe in yourself? Self-judgment and doubt are awful teammates. Be a good teammate to yourself.

Obstacle: You feel like your Higher Self is inauthentic and fake.
Response: Then you haven’t accurately defined your Higher Self. You’re copying someone else’s expectations. Write down the unique differences between your Lower Self, an inauthentic Higher Self, and your true Higher Self.

Obstacle: Lower Self is acceptable because we’re all imperfect.
Response: No one expects you to be perfect, only to give your best effort to be your Higher Self. Imperfection is acceptable. Lower Self is not.

Obstacle: When your Higher Self gets criticized, you discard it and return to your Lower Self.
Response: Your Higher Self will get criticized, but so will your Lower Self. Which would you rather get criticized for?

Obstacle: You’re not sure that you can sustain your Higher Self.
Response: You only have to be your Higher Self one moment at a time, one day at a time. Shift your focus from sustaining over time to discipline right now.

Obstacle: Your Higher Self is boring and misses out on fun experiences.
Response: Whatever experiences your Higher Self misses out on, it replaces with intensely more fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Lower Self experiences are cheap and shallow.

Obstacle: It’s more comfortable to be your Lower Self.
Response: That may be true now, but only because it’s more familiar and established than your Higher Self. The more you live as your Higher Self, the feeling changes, and the more uncomfortable you feel with your Lower Self.

Obstacle: Your expectations and demands of yourself are too low.
Response: Set 20% higher expectations and demands of yourself every 12 months. If a transformation feels so intimidating that you shy away, then break the change into a smaller % and a defined timeline.

Obstacle: Being your Lower Self is how you decompress and relieve stress.
Response: Higher Self ways of unwinding and reducing stress work better. Learn the strategies and skills.

Are these the only challenges? No, but most barriers are a derivative or combination of these ten. Now you know most of the significant obstacles to becoming your Higher Self.

Prepare your response to defeat the obstacles in your way.

The time is now. Do the Work.

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