10 Things I Know About You

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

I know you’re busy, but you have to choose how to use your time.

I know you’re afraid, but you have to act.

I know you have doubt, but you have to try so you can find out.

I know it hurts, but there is no path without pain.

I know you’ve made mistakes, but you have a chance to make corrections.

I know you’re tired, but you have time to recover.

I know it feels like so much work, but you’ll do a lot of work either way.

I know it feels far away, but one day you’ll be in that future.

I know you’ll get criticized, but your purpose is bigger than their criticism.

I know you can come up with a thousand excuses not to . . . 

. . . but you only need one compelling reason to commit.

Your reason.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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