13 Ancient Maxims For Modern Life

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Brian Kight
  1. Genuine, intentional listening eases most tensions.
  2. People avoid simple solutions because they would have to act on them.
  3. If you complain about complainers, you are one.
  4. A pessimist is a former optimist who learned the wrong lessons from their experiences.
  5. Anyone expecting immunity from being criticized loses their freedom to criticize others.
  6. Once words leave your lips, you are no longer in control, but you remain responsible.
  7. The discipline to compete precedes the discipline to win.
  8. Study hard and always train harder than you study.
  9. Applying the lessons from one book is worth more than retaining the information from 100 books.
  10. Do not equate the delay of consequences with the absence of consequences.
  11. The gain of wisdom moves inversely to the pursuit of reputation.
  12. The consequences of inaction are as relevant and impactful as those of action.
  13. Regret is the tax for lack of discipline.

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