9 Better Ways To Invest Your Personal Energy

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Brian Kight

Saying no to a sugary dessert or yes to an early morning workout requires energy. Patience with people requires energy. Empathizing with someone you’re frustrated with requires energy. Difficult truthful conversations take energy, as does hiding the truth.

Listening requires energy. Complaining requires energy. Listening to someone else complain requires energy. Coming up with justifications for why you’re complaining or why you’re not listening requires energy. Honesty requires energy.

Knowing yourself requires energy. Controlling yourself requires energy. Believing in yourself requires energy.

You can’t use energy you don’t have on necessary things if you’ve already spent your energy on unnecessary things. Since everything you do requires energy, it makes sense to consider some structure for where to use your energy and where not use it. Something that acts like a map to orient you when you’re deciding what to do with your energy.

Before you put mental, emotional, or physical energy into something, ask yourself whether it is:

  1. Intentional or Impulsive?
  2. Necessary or Unnecessary?
  3. Lasting or Temporary?
  4. A Worthy Reflection of You or An Unflattering Reflection?
  5. Building vs Breaking?
  6. Connecting or Disconnecting?
  7. Fueled By Kindness or Fueled By Anger?
  8. Feeding Your Growth or Feeding Your Entertainment?
  9. An Investment or An Expense?

You are the only one who decides what gets your energy and what doesn’t. You cannot blame any other target for a misuse of your personal energy. Use this map of nine questions. Change it. Add to it. Make it work for you and your priorities.

When you create and use your energy with discipline, you unlock an important door.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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