A challenge guaranteed to change you

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Brian Kight

Between now and Monday, I want you to perform an audit.

An audit of your life. 

Specifically, audit what you do and don’t do in your life, and how you do it. Don’t worry about auditing impact, results, or consequences. Focus on the presence, absence, frequency, and duration of what you do, what you don’t do, and how you do it.

When you inevitably notice the impact of what you observe during this audit, make a mental or written note, then return to the primary task.

This personal audit can be as casual or intense, high-level or deep-dive as you want.

Here’s a list to get you started:

  • your fears
  • your focus
  • your future
  • your discipline
  • your standards
  • your self-doubt
  • how you use time
  • how you complain
  • who/what you blame
  • how you treat people
  • what you give attention
  • how you talk to yourself
  • how you control yourself
  • how do you take responsibility
  • the results you’re producing
  • your commitment to the truth
  • how you receive critical feedback
  • what you want but haven't earned
  • how hard you work in relationships
  • what you say is important but don’t do
  • what you say isn’t important but do it anyway

Brick by brick. Do the work.

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