All The Riches You’ve Ever Dreamed

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Brian Kight

I posted an abbreviated version of this on Twitter yesterday. It’s too important not to share it with you here along with additional context on each bullet.

The factors that affect life and performance the most will never truly be measurable.

  • COURAGE moves people to act despite their doubts.
  • DISCIPLINE accelerates skill development and results.
  • ATTITUDE shapes everything it touches.
  • EMPATHY attracts one person to another.
  • TRUST bonds people or breaks them apart.
  • LOVE transforms through its presence or absence.
  • BELIEF guides everything.
  • RESILIENCE strengthens people the more they use it.
  • HOPE endures when all appears lost.

What matters most will never be measured in numbers or in dollars, on scoreboards or on spreadsheets. What matters most exists in our heads and in our hearts. What matters most is what we create within us and what we create between us.

From these springs flow all the riches of life.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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