Are you due for a personal check-in? Start with these 10 questions.

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Brian Kight

This topic of being responsible for yourself has my full attention this week. Somehow it’s still massively under-appreciated and insanely under-executed. There are so many avenues to explore. It fascinates me. 

Today I’m thinking about which parts of ourselves need priority attention. I took a crack at creating a 10-question personal check-in. You may find it useful.

  1. What is the state of my body physically (strength, stability, flexibility, stamina)?
  2. How well am I fueling my body (food and drink)?
  3. What is my state of mind and what range of emotions do I experience (type, intensity, duration, resilience)?
  4. How much happiness and fulfillment do I get from the way I’m living?
  5. How am I challenging myself for meaningful growth?
  6. How much quiet, uninterrupted reflection time do I use each week?
  7. Where am I having fun just for the joy of it with no real agenda or accountability?
  8. Who am I investing time with because I believe in them?
  9. Who is investing time with me because they believe in me?
  10. How prepared am I for the heights of opportunity and depths of adversity that wait unpredictably in my future?

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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