Beware of The Rhyming Rule

Image of Brian Kight
Brian Kight

We love a good ryhme.
It makes a witty phrase feel true.

You see it all the time.
There’s a purpose behind it too.

It’s a language trick
As reliable as the rising sun.

If you want an idea to stick,
Make it memorable and fun.

No matter how often we’re told,
We forget certain things.

When truth struggles to take hold
We miss the value it brings.

What makes a truth stand out?
What keeps it top of mind?

It doesn’t work to shout,
People ignore that you’ll find.

If you want people’s attention,
Follow the rhyming rule.

I almost forgot to mention,
This trick can make you a fool.

Just because it’s a rhyme,
Doesn’t make it real.

Most of the time,
It’s your attention they’re trying to steal.

Watch out for this play.
It’s easy to spot.

Clever rhymes are the easiest way
To embed half-truths in your thought.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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