Break Free From Fear

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Brian Kight

You don’t have to look far to find something to be afraid of. Or least something you’re told to be afraid of.

Effective marketing is largely based on fear. Fear of missing out. Fear of not “keeping up with the Joneses’. Fear of inconvenience and discomfort. And of course the big ones: Fear of failure, rejection, ruin, regret, and sickness or death.

You see it all over media. You hear it in conversations in your neighborhood. You hear it in conversations at work. Fear. Overtly sometimes. Subtle other times.

It may be a burden of modernity that people are blessed with so much but still seem to be so afraid. It’s certainly heightened by the pandemic, widespread increase of isolating experiences, and uncertainty of what to expect next. Fear. Expressed sometimes. Just under the surface other times.

Remember you’re not here to live in fear. You’re here to live on-purpose.

What’s the opposite of fear that also provides purpose?


If you want to break free from fear, identify the things you love and pour yourself into them. Identify the people you love and give yourself to them. Identify the purpose you love and immerse yourself in it.

Don’t let anyone or anything pull you away from love to inject fear into your life. You will experience your own fears without letting anyone else saddle you with theirs too.

Focus on who you love, what you love, and how you love. That’s how you loosen fear’s grip and break free.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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