Build excellence brick by brick

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Brian Kight

I founded Daily Discipline 7 years ago on the premise that if you steadily added more elements of discipline to your behavior and stacked enough days, you could build just about any life you want.

No tricks. No motivational ploys. No manipulative promises.

We do it by better understanding what discipline is and how it works. By applying that understanding to the areas of our lives that mean the most to us. By injecting higher standards of discipline into the skills that make a significant difference.

I am not here to help you find a way around the work. I am here to help you do the work well.

I am not here to reveal the secrets of success. I am here to share the timeless truth of simple skills executed with great discipline.

I am not here to help you find comfort, validate excuses, or perpetuate average. I am here to help you lay bricks of discipline.

The bricks of discipline that build a life of excellence and fulfillment.

Every day is a chance to lay more bricks and build ourselves into people capable of achieving what we set out to do. People who aim high. People who live by higher standards.

Not because we have to. Not because it's popular. Not because it makes us look good. But because we choose to live that way. Because it makes us into the people we want to be.

We lay bricks. One by one. Day by day.

That's how you build something well. What project is more important than the bricks you lay to build yourself and your life?

Brick by brick. Do the work.

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