Caution … Reading This Will Eliminate Excuses

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Brian Kight

What to do when “sometimes” happens:

  • Sometimes you fall. Get up.
  • Sometimes you fall off the path. Get back on it.
  • Sometimes you fall short. Climb back up.
  • Sometimes you fall and break. Put yourself together.
  • Sometimes you lose. Play again.
  • Sometimes you lose your way. Go find it.
  • Sometimes you lose confidence. Rebuild it.
  • Sometimes you lose connections. Make more.
  • Sometimes you make mistakes. Correct them.
  • Sometimes you damage relationships. Heal them.
  • Sometimes you miss opportunities. Create new ones.
  • Sometimes you miss. Re-aim and shoot again.
  • Sometimes you miss the past. Love the present.
  • Sometimes you misunderstand. Learn and adjust.
  • Sometimes you wait too long. Start now.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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