Discipline: Quantity or Quality?

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Brian Kight

We all choose how to approach discipline in our lives.

At a fundamental level, we make two decisions:
What you'll do with discipline.
How disciplined you'll be in those things.

The first is a choice of quantity. Which areas of your life and how many of them?

The second is a choice of quality. How high or low is the standard of discipline you apply?

While quantity and quality aren't inherently in conflict, they can come into conflict. Even when they're not, they can feel like they are, especially with the role of discipline in your life.

When you sense this conflict, real or perceived, you have a new decision to make: keep a high quantity and accept lower quality or lower quantity and drive higher quality.

The highest standard is to do everything with strong discipline. But you have to work your way there. It's a process. You earn your way to that level of discipline.


When you feel a conflict between the quantity and quality of your discipline, lower the quantity and raise the quality.

Be more disciplined on fewer things. Learn how to bring the highest discipline to a few key areas rather than bringing average discipline to more areas.

Focus on the few done with exceptional discipline.

It's easier to move from great discipline in a few areas, then add more to your list as you get better than it is to raise your standards of your discipline across every area of your life at once.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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