Don’t let your ideas stay ideas

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Brian Kight

We all think about what we could do. We all have ideas and consider possibilities.

Big, grand possibilities. Small, local possibilities. Ideas related to our routines and relationships, our health and happiness, our purpose and performance

Some people keep these ideas contained in their minds. They think about them, maybe even dream about them, but it rarely goes further. 

Other people extend their ideas a little further. They talk about them, perhaps even do some pre-planning, but they don't do them. Years of thinking and talking about ideas can go by without taking meaningful action.

But disciplined people don't let their ideas stay ideas. They turn their ideas into concrete, practical action.

Disciplined people understand this timeless truth: ideas that stay ideas may feel like they prevent failure and disappointment, but they also prevent success and fulfillment.

What is an idea worth that experiences neither success nor failure, that creates neither fulfillment nor disappointment? 

It's nothing. 

Where does that lead? 

It leads nowhere.

Don't let your ideas stay ideas. Throw your ideas against the rocks of reality. Discover their worth. Yes, some will shatter and disappear. But some will thrive and grow.

You'll never know which is which until you turn the idea into action.

Brick by brick. Do the work.

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