Dream Big and Make It Happen: Part 4

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Brian Kight

On Monday, I said big dreams take big work. This is intuitively obvious yet still needs to be said out loud for clarity. You can dishonor your life in two ways:

  1. Aim too low.
  2. Not try your hardest.

And yes, I believe honor and dishonor are the appropriate words for this context. To willfully set the bar lower for yourself and your life because you don't want to work that hard or you're too afraid to try is not an honorable decision. It can be many things, but honorable isn't one of them.

What does aiming low at small dreams save you from? You'll still experience fear, frustration, and tension in that life. You'll still have problems and struggles. You don't get more access to joy, fulfillment, or wonder. You don't enhance your life's depth of love, purpose, or meaning.

I think people aim low because they believe it's easier, safer, and minimizes their exposure to painful experiences. That's what they tell themselves. But it's not at all true.

All you have to do is observe people.

  • Are the people who aim low happier?
  • Are the people who accept average more fulfilled?
  • Are the people who avoid challenging work toward big dreams more comfortable?

I want you to hear today and understand when you're ready that small dreams do not equate to less work. Aiming low will not create a more comfortable life. Accepting average will not reduce fear.

You're going to experience it all anyway. So you might as well aim high and work for an honorable purpose.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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