Embrace daily imperfections

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Brian Kight

All of life exists within a state of imperfection. Your day, relationships, house, family, friends, body, job, and country are imperfect. 

Effective in some ways. Ineffective in others.
Exceeding expectations in certain moments. Falling well short in others.
Ideal at times. Far from ideal at others.

As obvious as this sounds, it's easy to catch yourself complaining about normal, predictable imperfections. We know flights get delayed. We don't want ours delayed. We know relationships have conflict. We don't want conflict in our relationships. We know we are imperfect. We don't want our imperfections highlighted. 

And that's the simple stuff. It gets much harder.

We understand change is constant. We don't want our lives to change too much. We understand people get cancer. We don't want anyone in our lives to get cancer. We understand failure is part of life. We don't want our efforts to fail. 

The imperfections around you aren't going anywhere, so you have a decision to make.

You can decide to be the person who consistently points out and complains about imperfections:

  • The lines are too long
  • Your AirPods won't connect to the correct device
  • People don't know how to drive
  • The referees made the wrong call
  • Your spouse forgot to do something

Or you can decide to be the person who embraces the imperfect nature of the world, bringing clarity, support, and responsibility to the things you can impact and perspective, patience, and resilience to the things you can't affect. 

The world will continue to spin its imperfect web either way. It's up to you to recognize and respond to it with a disciplined mindset.

Answer the call. Do the work.

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