Execute With Attitude

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Brian Kight

Sometimes I get frustrated with how people respond to a Daily Discipline message. Mostly when people get stuck in the idea, concept, or theory of a message and don’t move on into practical action. 

Every message I write serves one purpose move you to more disciplined action in an area of relevant value to your life. Not every message will hit that purpose for you, but every message is intended to serve that purpose.

For example, think about the message in yesterday’s email.

Did you choose your attitude yesterday? If yes, what did you choose? If no, why didn’t you?

Will you choose your attitude today? If yes, what will you choose? If no, why not?

These are important and fun (!) questions to ask. I get to decide the mindset I approach each day with. So do you. You can attack it or ease into it, soak it up or chase it down, seek to understand or be understood.

I can bring any attitude to any day. There aren’t many limits to it. So can you. 

You have brought an attitude to every day in the past and you will bring an attitude to every day in the future. The open questions are whether you’ll do it strategically, take responsibility for it, and pay attention to how it's working for you.

You might as well own the choice. Might as well own the purpose behind it too. Your attitude is too pivotal to your life, too impactful to other people’s lives, to let anything direct it besides your own active choices.

So here’s to your attitude choices today and the rest of your days.

Everything is training for something. Do the work.

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